IBM Interview Experience and pattern

I am very pleasure to share my experience with you. Myself, Pavithra S,   have completed my B-E (2013 Batch) with specialization in ECE.

On 12th Feb I got a mail from IBM that i have an online aptitude test on 13th Feb. I was confused about preparation. On a random search I came across Indiabix>> IBM placement papers. I have read  all the  experiences posted in it.

IBM off campus contains three rounds:

1) Online Aptitude Test: 18 series questions and 18 general aptitude questions.

Series Questions: for series type of question , go through all the previous year IBM placement papers

Aptitude Questions: No need to prepare whole book. Prepare those topics given below:

1) Time and work
2) Time and Distance
3) Percentages
4) Averages
5) Ratio and Proportions

from those topics u can expect very basic questions. If you want an example question, just go thru’ The main concern is timer. It gives you 2.15 minute for each question. After 2.15 minutes question will automatically remove from the screen.

I cleared this round very easily.

Round 2: English Assessment Test

1) Punctuation (TIME Material): I read only three pages of rules of punctuation and hit all questions right. You need to know the correct use of comma, colon, semicolon, apostrophes.

2)  Business Emails: Like should we use smiley in business mail, should we write “Hi” in business letter.  Don’t confuse US or UK letter; just go thru only formal letter.




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